You book and pay for the studio by yourself after the shooting format is approved. I can help you to choose a photo-studio based on your wishes.
If you want to call me as a photographer for a shoot, please leave your request with contacts, format (single, family, wedding, etc.) and the date of the proposed shooting. I will contact you within the day and we will agree on the details of the shoot.
Shooting on film costs extra and is discussed in advance.
Photos selected for retouching will be ready within 10 working days from the date of application (you can pay an additional 40% of the cost of my work for urgency).
From the successful shoots, you can choose photos for retouching (the price includes 10 photos). Applications for retouching are accepted within 2 months. All photos via the link are stored for the same amount of time. Please don't forget to download all the photos for yourself.
Within 2-4 days after the shooting, I will send you a link to all successful shots. You can keep them all for yourself.
If you don’t want photos to be published on social networks, the total cost of services increases by 50%.
My name is Anya Pavlova and these are my working conditions:
I shoot with a digital camera and film (small and medium format). If you are interested in shooting on film, please write about it in your request.
If you want to shoot with me, send request here
or contact me with
inst: the69th
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